If you are looking for an electric vehicle charger with the new North American standard plug-end (SAE J-1772) for either your own garage or for the convenience of your customers, ClipperCreek has just announced that they are now taking orders for that very beastie. With delivery set for May, the company's American-made CS-40 connects to a 208V - 240V feed and puts out a continuous 32 amps and should retail for about $3,000. Founded in 2006, ClipperCreek is not only the exclusive Level 2 charging equipment supplier for Tesla Motors and the BMW Mini E program but also works with the likes of Mitsubishi, Ford, Mercedes, GM and Nissan.

ClipperCreek also recently appointed four new sales executives with lots of industry experience who, strategically placed about the country, are ready to offer their customers the proper support necessary in this blossoming field. Please find a pair of press releases awaiting your personal perusal after the break.

*Update: Received photo of connector and one metric that should be added is that it is a 7kW charger.

[Source: ClipperCreek]


ClipperCreek, Inc. Is Now Taking Orders for the Only SAE Compatible UL Listed Charging Station for Delivery in May

AUBURN, Calif.-- ClipperCreek, manufacturer of the only UL listed electric vehicle charging products announced today that it is taking orders for May delivery of its US made CS-40 product.

This is the first product available with the SAE-J1772 UL listed connector which will be compatible with all new plug-in electric vehicles coming to market, including the GM Volt, the Nissan Leaf and the Mitsubishi i-MiEV.

The CS line of product from ClipperCreek is a universal product that is well suited for use in residential as well as public charging settings. The unit can be configured with a timing module and can be load controlled by external utility load management commands.

"We have always been at the forefront of industry and safety certification and feel this is an important step," said ClipperCreek CEO, Jason France. "We still have the only UL listed unit in the industry." UL is a National Recognized Testing Lab whose listing is required by the National Electric Code before EVSE products can be installed.

Orders are currently being taken at ClipperCreek, Inc. by calling 530-887-1674.

About ClipperCreek, Inc.

ClipperCreek brings product leadership to the electric vehicle charging infrastructure marketplace with reliable, safe and flexible, software-driven products that have been proven through 12 years of field experience. ClipperCreek produced over 2,500 chargers in 2009 and is the exclusive provider of EVSE chargers for BMWs Mini-E and for Tesla Motors Level 2 EVSE charging stations. ClipperCreek also provides chargers to power Mitsubishi, Ford, Mercedes, GM and Nissan vehicles. Visit www.ClipperCreek.com for more information on ClipperCreek and its products

ClipperCreek Announces New Representatives in Key Markets

AUBURN, Calif. - ClipperCreek, Inc. announced today that it has added four executives to its sales force. Don Francis (South East), Mike Paritee (North East), Stuart Irwin (Midwest) and Len Fein (Southwest including Southern California) bring more than half a century of combined experience to ClipperCreek, with key perspectives into automakers and utilities.

"We are fortunate to be able to find this type of experience," said Dave Packard, President of ClipperCreek. "I believe this group will help us further our lead in the marketplace."


Don Francis (EVSC LLC): Don has forty years experience in automotive engineering, sales and marketing activities. During his 31 years at Georgia Power Don managed the installation of over 1,000 EVSEs in both residential and public locations. Don will continue to be active in the electric vehicle community and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Electric Auto Association. Don is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers and received a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from General Motors Institute.


Mike Paritee (Serrada LLC): Mike has been at the forefront of advanced technology vehicles and their related infrastructure since 1994. During his time at GM, Mike was a cornerstone in the deployment and infrastructure development for programs like the S-10 Electric and the EV1. Mike's past assignments include: Program Manager, S-10 Electric program, Operations Manager for the EV1 program and head of fueling infrastructure for GM's recent electric-drive programs. Bachelors in Industrial Engineering NU, Executive Business training at UM and the Wharton School.


Stuart Irwin (SC Irwin & Associates, LLC): Stuart brings extensive experience in sales and marketing of electronic goods and products associated with electric drive systems. Most recently Stuart worked with Enova Systems of Torrance, California, where he was Program Manager for both the TH!NK City and Smith Electric Vehicle Drive systems in the US and Europe. Stuart received his Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University.

Southwest (including Southern California)

Len Fein, (ATVLS, Inc.): Len served in key management positions within Toyota's Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, and Product Planning Departments. He was a key contributor in the marketing studies, specification development, prototype testing, new model launch support, and long-term durability evaluations for the RAV4 EV. Len is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers and received his Bachelors Degree in Engineering Technology from CSULB, and his MBA from USC.

"I could not think of better representation for our company nor could I ask for a better group of advisors as we poise ourselves for the EV infrastructure market," added Jason France, CEO of ClipperCreek.

Visit www.ClipperCreek.net for more information.

Contact Don Francis Southeast 404-906-0656

Contact Mike Paritee Northeast 609-902-0122

Contact Stuart Irwin Midwest 248-408-4162

Contact Len Fein Southwest (& SoCal) 310-880-9133

Contact Dave Packard Northwest (& NoCal) 912-882-0702

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