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While there are those who say range anxiety is not really a problem for them, there are clearly many who plan on going down the whole "extender" route to avoid the possibility of one day being embarrassed by a sudden lack of go-power. But, instead of continuing to depend on mechanical backup, perhaps there is another approach to consider: pharmaceuticals.*

Our good friends over at EVcast may have un-earthed video of a commercial for a product called Voltex that claims to finally put an end to the curse of range anxiety. At least, it can if your stomach happens to be less than 80 percent full or more than 20 percent empty. And you can handle the potentially bizarre side effects. Curious? Hit the jump to check out the video and possibly discover if Voltex is right for you.

*ABG strongly recommends not taking any prescription medications without the explicit advice of your physician. ABG does not mean to imply that Voltrex (or any other medication) will work for you or that it's a prescription medication. Reading glasses are recommended for examining the fine print on any product.

[Source: EVcast]

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