HMK 561 Carbon Fiber Electric Bike – Click above for high-res image gallery

Honestly, we're still trying to figure out exactly how the HMK 561 Carbon Fiber Electric Bike works. We like that it looks amazing and has four wheels (look closely), but those pedals seem to be placed awfully high if we were to actually ride around on one of these things. We wanted to ask where the chain and pedals are, but we found out that the propulsion system isn't a normal one and they're apparently not needed. Here's how designer Ralf Kittmann describes it:
The one-piece carbon frame was especially developed for braiding machines which allow for a fast, efficient and cost-effective production. Suspension and bearing are integrated in the frame during the braiding process.
We're not sure, either. We do get that this concept vehicle's entire frame can store energy and that two electric motors are built into the two swingarms. Those motors "transmit the power counter- rotarily directly to the rims. During speed reduction the energy is regained." What's even more amazing is that the HMK 561 doesn't exist just in computer renderings. A prototype exists, and we demand video.

[Source: Ralf Kittmann via Yanko Design]

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