Walter Rörhl throwing an Audi Quattro WRC racer up the Col de Turini – Click above to watch video after the jump

Can we pause for a moment and give it up for Walter Röhrl? Here's a racer whose professional career began in 1973, first person to win the World Rally Championship twice, winner of the Pikes Peak race and the title Rally Driver of the Century in Italy and Rally Driver of the Millennium in France, and who simply never gave up the habit of winning or doing fast laps.

Autocar got the man back in the Audi Quattro with which he won the 1984 Rally Monte Carlo – Quattros took the first three positions, in fact – and sent him up the Col de Turini to see if he and the car still had it. Follow the jump to find out, and for a little more context, there's a video summary of that 1984 rally and a clip of Röhrl discussing and flying up Pikes Peak.

[Source: Autocar]

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