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The Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG is already a fierce little roadster, what with its 5.5-liter naturally aspirated V8 cranking out 355 horsepower and 376 pound-feet of torque. But for those who want something a bit more bonkers, the folks at Väth have just the solution, by way of the V58 – an SLK55-based beastie that produces – get ready – 565 hp and 568 lb-ft, gains of 210 and 192, respectively. Holy moly.

How does such a thing come to life? Väth starts by upping the Merc's engine displacement to 5.8 liters and adding things like a new compressor, new pistons, high-grade steel catalysts, a sport air filter and much more. In addition to these mechanical tweaks, the engine's electronics have been re-calibrated, and the end result is an SLK that will max out at 193 mph. To manage all of that added power, a new set of high-performance brakes have been added up front. Vath also offers a locking differential and a new fuel cooler as optional upgrades.

Other exterior changes include hot new 19-inch wheels and a custom suspension that can be lowered anywhere from 20 to 65 millimeters, depending on user specification. An aerodynamic package is also on hand, featuring a front lip and rear diffuser made of carbon fiber. Inside, Väth has added the usual decorative touches to the climate control system, ashtray, shift gate, shift knob, door coatings and seat adjustment controls.

Naturally, all of this extra kit comes at substantial cost, and for all of the upgrades that we've listed, you'll need to shell out €55,512 (that's just over $75,900 based on current exchange rates). For that price, you could buy two SLK55s and tie them together, but there's no doubt that the Väth creation would provide buckets and buckets of fun. Hit the jump for the full details in Väth's press release and check out our high-res gallery below.

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VÄTH V58 – a Rocket Compressor with 565 hp and 770 Nm Torque

Understatement cannot be qualified as one of the advantageous features of VÄTH V58. This is considered to be the same as with SLK AMG R171. Not only the outside appearance of VÄTH V58 cannot be ignored, but also the SLK performance cannot be recognized under the motor hood. A high-performance 565 hp and 770 Nm engine is running in the motor compartment. The increase in performance and thus engine upgrading is achieved by cylinder capacity improvement by 5.8 liters combined with a compressor.

These upgrades include sports pistons, sports distribution shafts, exhaust manifolds, catalysts of high-grade steel, sports exhaust silencers, polished cylinder heads, a sports air filter and a long-stroke crankshaft. Together with fine adjustment of electronics, this is enough to launch the cabriolet with a speed of 310 km/h. The cost of such performance improvement amounts to 30,785 Euro including installation works and technical inspection fees.

Optionally, the VÄTH tuning company supplies a locking differential for 5,224 Euro and its home-produced and patented fuel cooler for 2,070 Euro.

19-incher wheels guarantee an impressive appearance with mirror polished rim wells of high-grade steel. They are available off-the-shelf in silver, black or the car colour at your choice. High durability tyres with the front size of 235/35 and 275/30 at the back axle ensure excellent contact with the road.

Custom-made threaded sports chassis (3,677 Euro including installation works and wheel alignment) draws the car nearer to the road surface – from 20 to 65 mm (user adjustable).

To improve stoppage characteristics, VÄTH provides high-performance brake system (6,009 Euro including installation works and technical inspection fees). Six-piston saddles with 378-millimeter brake disks are provided at the front.

What is more, VÄTH has made SLK more streamlined thanks to carbon components. The aerodynamic package includes carbon front spoiler lips (1,404 Euro), varnished in black here, and a rear diffuser (1,952 Euro) with visible carbon Finns and prolongation of the underside.

Interior package (2,975 Euro) consists of climate control system, ashtray protective coating, gear shift gate, gear knob, light-reflecting door coatings and left/right seat position control coverings.

To be in harmony with the car's interior climate, VÄTH offers sports steering wheel, if desired, with leather, carbon or fine wood trimming for 1,416 Euro.

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