It's been a rough week for Toyota drivers. Across the U.S., there have been no less than three reported bouts with unintended acceleration for the popular car maker, each of which fortunately ended in non-life-threatening injuries.

The most recent incident is perhaps the strangest. A woman in New Britain, Connecticut crashed her 2007 Toyota Camry into her church after she claims the accelerator pedal stuck. After her planned trip to the church, she had scheduled an appointment at her dealer to fix her car under a recent recall.

"It was just like in the movies," said the unidentified woman in a report on The New Britain Herald. "I was hitting everything."

The woman, a 76-year-old parishoner of St. George's Greek Orthodox Church, pulled up to the side of the church to drop a few items off for donation.  The vehicle raced and the woman dodged traffic before leaping over the church lawn, taking out both railings on the church steps and traveling down a flight of steps before eventually coming to a stop.

"It's a miracle," the church priest said after looking at the damage.

The woman had her 15-year-old grandson with her in the car. Both walked away without injury.

The same week as the crash, the woman reported receiving her recall notice from Toyota. Her 2007 Camry was included in both the sticking accelerator pedal recall and the floor mat recall.

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