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To many of us here gathered around Autoblog's virtual water cooler, the star of the Geneva Motor Show wasn't the electrified Porsche 918 Spyder, but rather the Touring Superleggera Flying Star, better known as the Bentley Continental Shooting Brake. Disagree? We say to each their own.

And according to the UK's AutoExpress, that's what Aston Martin's saying, too. The legendary British car maker will be offering a custom vehicle program to those with the right mixture of imagination and American Express Black Card. According to the article, Aston Martin has gained so much experience building the One-77 as a stationary object (as opposed to on an assembly line) that building whatever it is on earth a customer wants is no problem. Says design director Marek Reichman, "This means that if we need to, we can swap shapes, interiors, engines or wheels without destroying the production process. It offers us infinite possibilities."

To that we say, "Yes!" We also say, to steal a line, "Mommy, why were we born good looking instead of just rich?" Because we could certainly come up with a hot Aston or two. Like how about a 1978 V8 Vantage Oscar India body riding atop the DBS chassis and internals? That would work rather well, we think. Alternatively, a Lagonda wagon body atop the Rapide would work, too. Oooh! What about a Hayabusa-engined Cygnet? That last one might just be the way to save face go. Unless they build us a fully-operational DB5 from Goldfinger. Sigh...

[Source: AutoExpress]

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