Ji Yong-Ho Shark 6 – Click above for high-res image gallery

Art and cars is always a tricky subject. We saw what happened when BMW selected art world mega star Jeff Koons to design their next art car. Long story short, confusion, blinking eyes and a whole lot of chin scratching. However, we think in the case of South Korean artist Ji Yong-Ho, there's just going to be nodding heads and wide smiles. Why? Just look at how amazing his work is.

For those of you that are forced by your significant others to watch Project Runway ("Hi, honey!") no doubt remember last week when style guru Tim Gunn sent them all to the hardware store and contestant Jay won over the judges with his pants made out of contrasting garbage bags. Don't ask how, but we see a similarity (or are just hot to confess that we watch Project Runway in the most manly way possible). Either way, the New York-based Yong-Ho is using old tires to craft his creations. We enthusiastically approve.

[Source: Gana Art]

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