Remember a couple weeks back when we told you about Chrysler's improbable legal battle against little Lake Mary High School in Florida? Chrysler's legal team put the smack down on the school for using the Ram logo as its school insignia, and the law jockeys in Auburn Hills, MI were giving the school until June 15 to remove all instances of the logo at a considerable cost to the school district and neighborhood taxpayers.

It appears cooler heads have prevailed at Chrysler, as Allpar is reporting that the school and automaker have made an agreement that allows the school to keep the admittedly perfect-for-a-football-helmet logo, at least until wear and tear requires their replacement. The reported agreement stipulates that the school must declare its partnership with Chrysler on signs stating "Lake Mary: Proud Partner of Chrysler." We think Chrysler should also sponsor the prom and provide a 300C stretch limousine for every senior. C'mon, think of the good will!

When we originally told you about the legal tussle between Lake Mary HS and Chrysler, we were more than a little critical of Team Pentastar for its legal action against the small school in a town of 15,000. It wasn't because Chrysler didn't have every legal right to protect its trademarks, but rather making a school district pay lots of money to remove a logo when it wasn't really damaging is just bad PR for a company that can ill afford any more bad PR. Compromise can be a very good thing, and it's nice to see that the folks at Chrysler see that. Good people of Lake Mary, Florida: feel free to continue purchasing vehicles from the Chrysler group.

[Source: Allpar]

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