This October, the center of the zero-carbon racing universe would appear to be Spain following the announcement by the eGrandPrix that the inaugural EMXGP will, with apologies to Paris, be held in Barcelona on the 16th and 17th of that month. Of course, one race does not a center-of-universe make and so we remind you, gentle reader, that the TTXGP Grand Final takes place the following weekend down the road in Albacete. The competitions will bookend a Zero Carbon Transport Conference in sunny seaside Barcelona that will be a "unique global gathering of experts, enthusiasts and industry to share ideas, explore solutions and make new partners."

With lots of details about the race yet to be announced, there is still lots of time for speculation about what vehicles will enter. While there has already been mention made of Tesla Roadsters and even the Ruf Greenster, the photo accompanying this latest news reminds us of another contender who had already stated their intentions to join the fray; Saba Motors. Their Marlin 5EXi-based Carbon Zero roadster wouldn't appear to have the numbers (0-60 is a leisurely five seconds) to out-duel their Californian competitor, but they have over six months to get their game face on. Let us know who you would like to see beating the pack on Spanish streets in the comments section after the break.

[Source: eGrandPrix | Source image: Tango7174 - C.C. License 2.0]

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