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The Nurburgring is the gold standard for any track not comprised of a banked oval, and it's a blast to watch dashboard-mounted video of various vehicles taking on the best the Nordschleife has to offer. We typically share with you videos of ZR-1s and GT-Rs, but this time we have something a bit different. Achim Korden and co-pilot Guido Heindl of fame run the 'Ring in reverse in an old school Mini (1971 Clubman Estate) equipped with a 1.6-liter Honda drivetrain, and they mean business.

Hit the jump to watch the little Mini battle a rain-soaked Nordschleife while starting at the end and making their way to the beginning. It's an odd experience and further proof that you don't need to have big power to have big fun.

[Source: YouTube]

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