Video: Icon's ultimate 4x4s from another perspective

StreetFire checks out the Icon FJ 4x4 – Click above to view the video after the jump

The vintage FJ Landcruiser tuners at Icon turn out highly detailed 4x4s with custom-designed suspensions comprised of top-shelf parts, powdercoated exteriors and German military convertible tops. We've sampled the firm's wares before and those details turn Icon vehicles into impressive – if spendy – SUVs: $79,000 gets you a look at the bottom of the barrel, more than $100,000 is needed for a taste of the cream. Are they worth it? StreetFire takes a look at three Icons, and along with our own Jonny Liberman and's Mike Levine, renders the muddy verdict. Follow the jump for all the action.

[Source: StreetFire]

$100,000 ICON FJ 4x4 Thrash

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