Honda execs relate CR-Z to the original CRX – Click above to view the video after the jump

Looking at the 2011 CR-Z, it's hard not to think back to the original Honda CRX. The two-seat configuration, double-paneled glass hatch and sport compact styling are what made the CRX a huge hit for Honda buyers some two decades ago, and the automaker is hoping to recapture that magic with the CR-Z, though with a slightly different approach.

The big difference with the CR-Z is that it uses a hybrid powertrain rather than a standard petrol mill. And while the automaker's decision to give the CR-Z a gas/electric powertrain isn't necessarily sitting well with everyone, Honda reassures us that the fundamental values that made the CRX a success are very much present in the CR-Z. John Mendel, executive vice president of auto sales, says, "We hope consumers look at this car and see all the passion around the original CRX, but [we're] taking that passion and moving it into a whole new generation." See what other Honda execs and enthusiasts have to say about the CR-Z by watching the video after the jump.

[Source: YouTube]

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