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With Honda's in-house parts department in the game and Mugen developing it's own line of kit for the CR-Z, the tuner trifecta is almost complete with the release of Spoon's performance parts for Honda's hybrid hatch.

While we thought bright blue wheels went out of vogue (even in the U.S.) in 2008, Spoon has coated its CR93 rollers in the company's signature hue, along with upgraded calipers clamping onto 15-inch slotted discs. A ride height lowered by 50mm comes courtesy of front coilovers and a spring and shock combo in the rear, while the body has been subtly altered with the addition of a carbon fiber hood, mirrors and front lip spoiler.

More importantly, a new N1 exhaust has been fitted and Spoon is fiddling with the ECU to churn out a few extra (and much-needed) ponies. There's no word on what the rejiggered computer and exhaust is good for power-wise or how Spoon is manipulating the hybrid drive system to boost performance, but considering the company's past endeavors, we're expecting good things.

[Source: Spoon via 7Tune]

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