The fall-out of yesterday's Toyota Prius unintended acceleration incident in California – a car got up to speeds of over 90 miles per hour in a 20-minute event – now includes an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. NHTSA has dispatched two investigators to look into what happened, while Toyota is sending three technicians. The car was towed to a Toyota dealership today after being held overnight by the California Highway Patrol. One new bit of information reported by the AP is that the car had "a little hiccup" with the accelerator a few weeks ago. The driver claims that the floormats were not a cause of either acceleration.

We certainly don't think that this incident is like a new OJ moment for hybrids or green cars, but we can only imagine the discussion inside of Toyota HQ about the rumors and hype surrounding the troubles. Earlier today, for example, we heard that the second-gen Priuses had been recalled. This hasn't happened (yet), and Toyota is working on a fix for the thousands of hybrids included in the 4.36 million vehicles recalled last November. How yesterday's incident fits into the picture remains to be seen.

[Source: AP]

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