Ever wonder what it is really like to own an electric car? Before rushing out to buy that new Nissan Leaf or Mitsubishi i MiEV (or what have you) it might be a good idea to know what to expect. And what better way to learn about the advantages and drawbacks of living with a battery-powered vehicle than to read a book written by someone who not only has a couple, but who has spoken with many other owners about the experience as well as manufacturers. Owning an Electric Car by Michael Boxwell is that book.

In just under 200 pages, Mr. Boxwell covers everything from dealing with range fixation to exactly how "green" an electric is when it's charged from a coal-powered grid. You can also learn which new vehicles are coming to market or what to look for when if your potential purchase is previously owned. To get a sneak peek at the first chapter, learn a bit about the electric vehicles and even ask him a question directly, check out the book's website. Bonus video of the author conducting an environmental efficiency test with his two electrics awaits you after the break.

[Source: Owning an Electric Car]

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