Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers in peril over Toyota recalls?

After Dave Chappelle threw himself overboard the USS Hollywood, he did an interview in which he said, "When a person tells you something's... just business, that means some ice-cold [stuff] might be about" to happen. We can imagine that Toyota, doing everything it can to make its case better in the eyes of the American government and public, called its fellow members of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers to let them know "Don't take what we're about to do personally..."

What Toyota did was send a graph of recent recalls and safety complaints to certain Congressional reps on important committees. That graph showed that the Detroit Three have led the way when it comes to recalls and safety issues, posting three times the number of issues seen at Toyota. The problem: Toyota is being questioned about its transparency and commitment, not about how many cars have been recalled and how that might compare to other automakers.

And that is said to have Ford, General Motors and Chrysler in black moods, since they see the graph as a disingenuous move to make Toyota look a little better at their expense. One Detroiter is said to have claimed "It's tearing the whole industry apart." That might be a bit much, but at the very least it could do some serious damage to the Auto Alliance, whose membership consists of Toyota, the Detroit Three, and the German automakers. But hey, it's just business...

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[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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