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If you were following the news coming out of Infineon this weekend during the Sears Pointless 24 Hours of LeMons race, you might've heard about a nasty crash involving the ONSET Cavalier.

Going into turn 11 at about 1 PM on Saturday, the wagon – an easy top ten contender – squeezed through an opening on the back straight before being tapped on the left rear, sent into a wall and then flipped. The Cavalier slid well over 100 feet before coming to a rest mid-track and just as the driver was extracting himself from the car, the red wagon burst into flames.

Although he was able to remove his harnesses and wiggle his way out the window, the driver did suffer from a back injury resulting in two vertebrae surgeries carried out on Saturday and Sunday. We've gotten word from a close friend of Tyler that he's recovering and doing well, and we wouldn't be surprised to hear that LeMons could begin requiring HANS devices for future races.

After the jump we've got two videos of the wreck: One from inside the ONSET car and another from a vehicle traveling further back in the pack. Both are very telling and further proof that LeMons' strict safety requirements work, even in $500 crap can racers.

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