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And here we thought all that Toyota bashing was happening just in Washington, D.C., in Midwest bars and on late night talk shows. It appears Toyota can't even escape the negative press that has come as a result of the company's recent recall woes at the 82 annual Academy Awards, either. During host Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin's opening monologue, the two delivered a shot below Toyota's collective belt in reference to the Japanese automaker's unwanted acceleration issues.

The joke wasn't all that funny and there were even a few boos from the star-studded audience, but the bigger issue for Toyota is that the company's quality woes has officially hit critical mass. After all, we're sure Toyota is elated that many stars are driving around Hollywood in a fully loaded Prius just like Apple was no doubt thrilled when Steven Colbert busted out an iPad on stage at this year's Emmys (Apple actually collaborated with Colbert on that one). But when Steve Martin correlates taking a hit out on someone with giving them a free Toyota... not good. And the headline sponsor of the mother of all awards shows? Hyundai and the 2011 Sonata. Hit the jump to watch the opening of the Oscars, and jog forward to about 6:15 to see the Toyota comment.

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