Aside from word that the Nissan Leaf was headed for Mexico City and that Mexico was thinking about exempting hybrids from registration taxes, most of the green car news from our neighbor to the south has to do with biofuels. Today, though we have what are apparently the first sketches of two new concept cars from PRO-AMX also known as Proyectos Automotrices Mexicanos or Mexican Automotive Projects. Pictured above is the SGT-HC (Sport Grand Tourism - Hybrid Copper) and after the jump you can find PRO-AMX's Solar City vehicle.

Our Spanish is rudimentary at best, but reader Toto sent in a translation of this announcement that explains that PRO-AMX was started in 2008 to bring Mexico-developed vehicles to market. Last November, we saw drawings of PRO-AMX's first vehicle, the 4x4 Cimex Conin, released. The new renderings focus on style and efficiency, with the 2+2 seat SGT-HG using a 4-cylinder engine and electric motor, "which uses plates of copper integrated to the body (isolated externally by means of polycarbonate) to obtain a greater conductivity in the electrical system." The Solar City is a true urban vehicle that apparently get all of its energy from the sun. Maybe the next concept will include a Mr. Fusion? Thanks to Toto for the tip and translation!

[Source: Conceptogt]


PRO-AMX aka Proyectos Automotrices Mexicanos (Mexican Automotive Projects) present the first sketch of the SGT-HC CONCEPT (Sport Grand Tourism - Hybrid Copper) and the Solar City Concept.

PRO-AMX Is created at the beginning of year 2008 with the purpose of to design, development and production of vehicles and marks 100% mexican.

The first project realised by PRO-AMX was the vehicle 4x4 Cimex Conin.

At the moment one works in diverse projects of vehicles of niche for Mexican companies.

And now one appears these two exercises of design which is analyzed next to university institutions you publish and private, its possible manufacture concerning prototype for the study and development of clean technology.

PRO-AMX SGT-HC (Sport Grand Tourism-Hybrid Cooper) is a sport vehicle of great tourism 2+2 like their name, of hybrid propulsion using a motor of internal combustion of 4 cylinders in line, working altogether with an electrical motor which uses plates of copper integrated to the body (isolated externally by means of polycarbonate) to obtain a greater conductivity in the electrical system and to manage to remove but to KW and a fast charge but from the system of batteries.

PRO-AMX SOLAR CITY is a vehicle of two places designed for driven urban use by means of solar energy that feeds a motor on electrical energy, offering this way a totally independent vehicle in the obtaining of its power plant generating a gasoline saving and electrical energy domestic servant since it does not require recharged via connection and taking all the energy from the sun. The solar paddles are distributed in the glazed area of the car as well as in the awning

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