Were you planning on traveling to the Parisian city of Levallois in June to witness the first modern electric-automobile road race? Hope you didn't already clear your calender because EMXGP organizers have put out the word that they have postponed the launching of their series until sometime in mid-October, with the rescheduled event to be held in an as-yet-undisclosed major European city.

Apparently the deferment is not for a lack a willing participants with over 50 "expressions of interest" from different teams having been received but rather the realization that would-be racers will need more time to properly prepare for the event. Indeed, we can imagine any outfit with plans to run Tesla Roadsters will need to integrate some sort of motor cooling system as they were not originally engineered to be track cars and will overheat if pushed hard for an extended period. The eGrandPrix folks hope to take full advantage of the extra time by orchestrating the new launch with a larger "zero carbon" racing program and a conference that will "examine the wider energy crisis and every day green technology solutions." More information about the revised event should be forthcoming shortly.

[Source: EMXGP | Source image: Sami Dalouche C.C. License 2.0]

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