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We see a lot of weird, sometimes funny stuff on our nation's streets and highways, but we usually don't feel compelled to share any of it with you. Until today. Wednesday, March 3 was a cool, dry day in southeast Michigan, so we weren't expecting any significant traffic backups on our way home. But sometimes that's precisely when the most interesting situations unfold.

Hit the jump to see the end-game of what had to be a really odd incident. It involves a 15-foot hill, a Herculean pine tree and a very determined "Wide Track" Pontiac Grand Prix going all "Dukes of Hazard" on unsuspecting passers-by. We have no idea how this happened and we're hoping nobody was injured, but at the same time we're showing this video to any teenagers who think texting and driving is a good idea. Please forgive us for the iPhone-quality video and the AM soundtrack, but we feel this is definitely worth your time.


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