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High Occupancy Vehicle lanes (aka HOV lanes) may ease traffic congestion a wee bit as commuters choose to cram a few extra souls into their cars and trucks for the morning ride to work, but we think we have an even better idea: personal jetpacks. And we're not alone.

The Martin Aircraft Company has created its own jetpack for public use, and the units are apparently for sale to anyone who can pass the company's own internal training sessions. That's right, this sucker is classified as an Ultralight and therefore requires no FAA pilot's license. What's more, Martin says the Jetpack costs the same as a high-end car or motorcycle. Sign us up!

For what it's worth, the Martin Jetpack is a jet in name only – much the same way that a jetski isn't really powered by a jet engine, the Martin apparatus actually uses a 2.0-liter V-four two-stroke engine that drives twin carbon/kevlar rotors. With 600-pounds of thrust, Martin claims its Jetpack can accommodate pilots up to 280 pounds.

The five gallons of fuel carried onboard are enough to get you 31.5 miles in any single direction... as the crow flies, as they say. Plus, just imagine how lovely everything will look at the Jetpack's 8,000-foot ceiling. So, maybe it's not an automobile, but it's just too darn cool to ignore. Now, when can we get one added to the Autoblog Garage? Check out the video past the break for more.

[Source: Martin Jetpack via Faster and Faster]

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