Rinspeed UC? – Click above for high-res image gallery

Despite what your eyes may be telling you, the car you see above is not a Pygmy Fiat 500. It is, in fact, the questionably named Rinspeed UC? (pun intended – get it, questionably named... ha!), which the company says is short for both Urban Commuter and the phrase, "You See?". In person, the latest concept from the quirky design house appears much more green and iridescent than it does in the press photos, as you can see from our live image gallery below.

Buried underneath that flashy clothing you'll find a lithium ion battery pack from LiTec that sends power to an electric motor with 95 pound-feet of torque that pushes the little urban runabout to a top speed of 68 miles per hour. A full charge is said to be sufficient for a range of about 75 miles.

Also take note that there's not a single scratch on the UC?, though that wouldn't really be a problem since the car comes with StickerFix, "a modern, high quality adhesive DIY repair system that uses patented AkzoNobel paint technology in combination with a specially developed vinyl sticker." Clever, no?

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