Local governments in the UK are certainly pro-active when it comes to cracking down on CO2. In 2008, the West Sussex Council in the UK considered leveling £20 fines against drivers who sit in traffic jams with their engines running. There's an environmentally-sound reason to turn off your engine when stopped, even if it makes driving a bit more of a hassle. After all, if you let the engine run for ten seconds without moving, you would use less fuel had you turned the car off and then back on again (at least, if you're talking about the average recent model year vehicle).

Now, the North Lincolnshire Council is thinking of calling people who idle their vehicles when parked – not just in traffic jams – "irresponsible drivers" and fining them £20 (or £40 if not paid within 28 days). There would likely be exceptions for cold weather or "if the driver is elderly and needs to keep warm," writes the Belfast Telegraph. If the cops find someone idling, they will ask the driver to turn off the car and can only issue a fine if the driver refuses.

Unsurprisingly, the Association of British Drivers (ABD) is against the proposal. It also refutes facts when it said in a statement:
Obviously people shouldn't get out of their car and keep their engines running because someone's going to steal it, but engines don't use much fuel while they're idling and there are some circumstances when you have to keep them running. (see here)
Who is the ABD? A group with a history of outlandish claims, that's who. Thanks to Tohe for the tip!

[Source: Belfast Telegraph]

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