If you're like us and wondering what lengths are required to get your hands on a 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, we may have the answer. All you need to do is solve the mystery of Toyota's unintended acceleration issues and our friends over at Edmunds will give you a cool million dollars.
Edmunds CEO Jeremy Anwyl claims his company has heard "compelling testimony" from customers, and much of what's been documented (including a 2006 forum on Toyota Sienna unintended acceleration) hasn't been addressed by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigations. The online vehicle information resource site says it's coming up with rules for a competition that will earn a lucky person (or more likely a group) $ 1 million for determining the true cause of Toyota's unintended acceleration woes. Anwyl compares the challenge to the 'open source' software challenge, adding "let's see if this kind of 'crowd sourcing' can work in the pressing area of automotive safety."

We're thinking there are quite a few technical schools out there that may want to offer extra credit for the win. Who wouldn't want to attend the institution that solved the unintended acceleration mystery? The cool million in prize money could buy a lot of band uniforms, too. We'll bring you more details on the contest as they become available.

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[Source: Edmunds]

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