Lexus CT 200h – Click above for high-res image gallery

It was just last week that Lexus dropped all the details on its upcoming new CT 200h (click here to refresh your memory), and now, as promised, the Japanese automaker has officially unveiled the hybrid hatchback at the Geneva Motor Show. Naturally, we snapped off a series of live photos for your viewing enjoyment.

Interestingly, while Lexus has yet to confirm which markets the CT will enter, our men on the scene report back, "Lexus executives were adamant about a near-simultaneous global launch a year from now. In their own words, the United States and Japan will receive the CT 200h, even if it was developed as an euro-centric model. First deliveries should begin in Q1 2011."

Until we get official confirmation on that point from Lexus, take that information and file it firmly in the rumormill folder, but it could mean good things to come for those interested in a fuel efficient premium hatchback to go up against Audi's diesel-powered A3. Stay tuned, there's plenty more on the way live from the show floor in Switzerland.

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