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Good, we were hoping BMW would answer the latest challenge from Audi in the online battle of boast. Audi started up again the dormant war of words between these two German automakers a couple weeks ago by patting itself on the back for winning three Car and Driver comparisons in a row, and now BMW is striking back by bragging about its mixture of efficiency and vehicle dynamics sans compromises.

Hit the jump to watch the 1:25 video for yourself. Unfortunately, Team Motor Werks didn't get to throwing down with Audi until the very end of the spot, which takes place in an elementary school classroom. And even when the guys and gals at BMW took their swing, we're afraid it just grazes the four-ringed chin of its luxury car rival. Let us know which automaker you think scored the more direct blow by chiming in on the post-jump comments.

[Source: YouTube]

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