For years, European automakers (mostly) have used the color blue to identify their eco-friendly vehicles and initiatives, forgoing the green emphasis on this side of the pond. We have Hyundai's Blue-Will, Mercedes' Bluetec and so on. Heck, back in 2007, advertising agency JWT predicted a lingo shift from green to blue in 2008. Green still rules the environmental word world, but blue is making its presence known.

Volkswagen has heavily promoted its Bluemotion brand for the past few years and the company is now starting a "Think Blue" campaign tomorrow to show that, "Environmental protection is the top priority for Volkswagen." Conveniently, VW's logo already contains some blue in it, so if you happen to Think VW when you Think Blue, we're sure VW salespeople won't mind.

Back in the 1960's, VW had a "Think Small" campaign to promote the Beetle, and the company sees this new slogan as an evolution of that successful sales push. VW promises the traditional print and TV ads, as well as "web specials and an e-game for iPhone and iPod Touch." We'll think about that what we want to think, thank you very much.

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"Think Blue.": a signal for the environment
Environmental protection is the top priority for Volkswagen

New campaign for efficient driving and environmental awareness
Wolfsburg, 26 February 2010 - Protecting the environment is simple and everyone can help in their everyday lives. This is the message of the new image and marketing campaign called "Think Blue." which the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand is launching on February 27, 2010. Building on one of the best-known environmental labels in the automobile industry, "BlueMotion", Volkswagen is sending out a new signal for sustainable mobility.

This corporate mindset is underscored by the use of blue as the predominant color in the campaign. The color is already established on the market in the Volkswagen brand logo and through the "BlueMotion" environmental label. Volkswagen is now systematically continuing this tradition in combination with innovative elements.

"Our goal is to establish 'Think Blue.' as an expression of our corporate mindset and a firm feature of the Volkswagen brand's ecologically sustainable activities," Luca de Meo, Head of Marketing at the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand, explained. "We have deliberately chosen an international slogan because environmental protection knows no national boundaries. The campaign is in line with the Volkswagen brand values: innovative, valuable and responsible," de Meo added.

The new advertising campaign builds a bridge from the past to the future. It takes up the thread of the "Think small" campaign that accompanied the triumphant international success of the Beetle as the people's car in the 1960s. "The 'Think small' slogan symbolizes the Volkswagen brand's achievement in democratizing mobility the world over. The challenge of the future lies in achieving efficient and sustainable mobility for everyone. Volkswagen intends to lead the way. This is expressed by the campaign: 'Think Small' has become 'Think Blue.'" de Meo stated.

The "Think Blue." campaign debuts on February 27, 2010 with print ads. These will be followed by TV spots, brochures, web specials and an e-game for iPhone and iPod Touch. All the measures focus on potential savings, sustainability and environmental awareness

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