2011 Porsche Cayenne in motion – Click above to watch the videos after the jump

When it comes to the Porsche Cayenne, it's safe to say that the Autoblog team has a love-hate relationship with Stuttgart's hulking SUV. The new Cayenne could win over the haters among us with a Biggest Loser-style 400-pound weight loss program, a new hybrid variant capable of going 97 mph using only electric power and the return of the 500 horsepower turbocharged 4.8-liter Turbo S. Some would say the new Cayenne looks better, too, with heavily revised sheetmetal all around and new, more modern headlights and taillights.

After the jump is a collection of six videos released by Team Porsche for your enjoyment, each going into detail about all the new and upgraded features of the reworked Cayenne. It might not be enough to stem the tide of negativity, but the videos are further proof that when Porsche tackles a redesign, it takes the task seriously.

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