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It has been a very long time since Volvo has introduced an all-new sedan. Actually, the last all-new Volvo sedan was the S80, a model that debuted back in late 2006. That explains why we've been seeing the continuous unveiling of the new-for-2011 S60 over the past year, even though the official unveiling in Geneva is still over a week away.

To get prospective buyers primed up for the new S60, Volvo has launched a myriad of video teasers and pics of the highly anticipated midsize offering. The newest 90-second video includes drifter extraordinaire (and one-time Volvo test driver) Sam Hubinette as he takes the S60 off the beaten path and onto some fun-looking sand. Hit the jump to watch the video for yourself. We were already interested in trying out the 300 horsepower, 325 pound feet of torque T6 S60, and this video has done little, if anything, to quench that thirst.

[Source: Volvo via YouTube]

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