A year ago, in the days leading up to the Geneva Motor Show, we got our first glimpse of the production concept version of the Opel Ampera. With just days remaining before this year's Geneva show, we can expect to see the Ampera in final production form (just as the Volt has been at recent U.S. shows). A pre-production Ampera has been spotted out testing in Germany and the transition from last year's show car is similar to what we saw with the Volt.
The hood cut-line now goes along the side of the fender rather than down the top and the grille has been tweaked slightly to make it smoother. The cover for the charging plug is now on the left front fender, just as it is on the Volt. Similarly, at the back end, the rear spoiler has been extended a bit, just like the Volt. The Ampera should go on sale in the second half of 2011, about a year after the Volt launches.

[Source: CarScoop]

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