Jaguar and Land Rover have been getting closer and closer. The two British luxury marques that once might have competed for the same customers now find themselves under the same Tata-constructed roof. And in the process they've begun sharing parts as big as engines. But you'd figure with Jaguars bound to the road and Land Rovers excelling off the beaten path, they couldn't possibly share something as fundamental as platforms, right? So you might figure, and with reasonable grounds, but you'd be wrong. That is, assuming the latest reports prove accurate.

According to Autocar, JLR will soon begin cutting back from six different platforms to just two. The major building block will be the flexible aluminum architecture underpinning the latest Jaguar XF and XJ sedans. JLR apparently figures the platform can be adapted easily enough for the high-riding, rock-jumping Land Rover and Range Rover models, as well as the upcoming new roadster from Jag, while the Discovery is reportedly slated to be replaced by a bigger version of the Freelander.

[Source: Autocar | Image: Christopher Furlong/Getty]

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