Do you remember the days when motorcycle jumps were measured by cars rather than feet? We know at least one man who is all too familiar with those times, and may even be haunted by them. His name is Bubba Blackwell. He is what we would call a traditional daredevil, consumed with setting records and garnering fame. It is not only Bubba's Harley but also his Stars and Stripes one-piece suit that leaves no room for guesswork as to his respect and admiration for the late Evil Knievil.

In 1998, Mr Blackwell set a record of his own by clearing 20 cars aboard his Harley-Davidson XR750, logging the longest successful flight on that model. In 2001 gravity got the best of him, leading to the spectacular crash featured on the History Channel's show Shockwave, which focuses on a 22-car attempt to leap over his own record. Here we go again. On June 12 Bubba will fire up his trusty HD and head to Laconia, New Hampshire, bent on making take two a success by clearing 22 Ford Focuses.

Amid a generation of modern daredevils like Robbie Maddison stretching the world distance records well over 300 feet, Bubba's record may not appeal to everyone. But one thing is for sure – with a history like Blackwell and his XR750 have had, we can be assured that the sport of flying motorcycles will continue to entertain us and motivate the next generation to push the limits.

[Source: Ultimate Motorcycles | Image: awnisALANCC 2.0]

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