BMW fuel cell motorcycle design concept - Click above for image gallery

Like many other automakers, BMW has expended plenty of research effort on hydrogen as a transportation fuel. Unlike everyone else, BMW has focused on liquid hydrogen with internal combustion engines. A group of design students at ISD of Valenciennes, France felt no such constraints in their latest project.

They have created a BMW-badged motorcycle powered by a hydrogen fuel cell with a lithium polymer battery for electrical energy storage. Hydrogen is stored in a 20-liter cryogenic tank. The fuel cell is mounted where the engine would normally sit and the suspension consists of single sided swing arms front and rear. Propulsion comes via a shaft drive system from the 100 kilowatt motor. At this point, the bike doesn't physically exist, but it looks really cool in the video after the jump. A tip of the hat to Radhika!

[Source: Yanko Design]

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