It's just under 400 miles from Los Angeles to San Francisco. This distance is also known as about twice as far as you can drive a Tesla Roadster without recharging. To make the trip possible for Roadster owners, long-time Plug In America supporter Earl Cox has donated a $2,000 Tesla Home Charger that allows for four-hour recharges to Harris Ranch, a restaurant and inn located about half way between LA and San Francisco (or LA and Sacramento, if that's your destination). Conveniently, the Ranch is located just 100 yards off of Highway 5. A grand opening of the charge point will take place March 5th.

Pictured above is Cox's Roadster charging at the Santa Maria branch of Rabobank, where SolarCity installed a 30-kilowatt solar array. For more Tesla charging locations, see the list at EV Charger News.

[Source: Plug In America]

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