Report: GM may euthanize Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon small pickups

2010 Chevrolet Colorado – Click above for high-res image gallery

The future of the small pickup truck market in the United States doesn't look good. A new global Ford Ranger is in the works, though we have good reason to doubt that will replace the model currently available in North America. For its part, Chrysler has plans to nix the Dodge Dakota next year, and new reports suggest that the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon twins may have their plugs pulled, as well.

In speaking with General Motors vice chairmain Bob Lutz, asked about plans to kill off the two models, with Lutz responding, "It's uncertain at this point...They may well [go away]."

GM has not announced any official plans to update or kill off the Colorado and Canyon, but we won't be surprised if these two dated models meet that Great Car Crusher in the sky over the next couple of years.


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