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We like all of the press that advanced vehicles are getting these days in the non-automotive media, but if you're going to create a quiz called "Are You Plugged In? – Test your knowledge of electric vehicles with our quiz," then shouldn't you try extra hard to make sure there aren't any mistakes in said quiz? C'mon Wall Street Journal, don't let General Motors snow you into thinking that EREV and PHEV are different things. The Journal writes:
GM calls the Volt an extended-range electric vehicle, or EREV. It is powered by a battery pack that when fully charged has a range of up to 40 miles; it also has a small gas engine that turns a generator that charges the battery once it is depleted. It is different from a plug-in hybrid, or PHEV, which runs on both battery power and gasoline.
How are they different again? They're not. Also, the Journal writes that Bright Automotive "developed a fully electric delivery van called Idea." Instead, the Idea is a plug-in hybrid. We know that mistakes happen (no need to go through our own archives and prove this point) and the rest of the quiz is good. We'll also admit we got a question wrong. Care to guess which one?

[Source: WSJ via In The Driver's Seat]

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