Video: Jay Leno takes new-old DeLorean for a spin

Jay Leno drives a reborn DeLorean – Click above to watch the video after the break

No, Jay Leno did not travel back in time to 1985 (or 1981 when it was originally offered for sale) to drive a brand-new DeLorean. But that's clearly a stainless steel, wedged-shaped, gullwing-doored beauty with Leno behind the wheel, so what gives?

First of all, as Jay says, there was nothing ever really wrong with the DeLorean that a few fixes couldn't have taken care of. So, it must be good news that DMC was rescued from the grave by a Steven Wynn of the new DeLorean Motorcar Company (well, it's not good news to everybody).

Basically, the new DMC takes the original DeLorean and updates it with heavily revised componentry that brings the machine somewhere closer to acceptable new car standards. An optional engine upgrade takes the 2.8-liter Renault V6 from 135 horsepower up to 195 horses, giving a much-needed boost to the otherwise underwhelming car. No matter, we'd gladly take one to serve as our daily driver, though it better have the five-speed manual.

Naturally, Jay takes the reborn DeLorean out for a drive, and it seems he enjoys the experience despite the car only having "adequate" power, as he describes it. See what else Leno has to say about the stainless wonder in the video after the break.

[Source: Jay Leno's Garage]

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