Tech skeptics have been calling the iPhone a mere toy since its introduction, but the proliferation of apps and ancillaries tells a different story. From the "what will they think of next?" file comes MyDoorOpener, a two-pronged hardware/software solution for turning your iPhone into a garage door opener. That's right, to replace one thing, you need two! The rub is that you'll have your iPhone with you anyway, and if your car's not equipped with HomeLink, then the MyDoorOpener solution could mean one less thing to rattle around in the center console.

The software is not yet approved, oh, and you'll have to build the receiver unit, too. That's right, break out the soldering iron and get comfortable with integrated circuits and transistors. It's not simple for everyone, but it's not rocket surgery, either. Lest the tinfoil in your hat start to chafe your scalp, rest assured that communications between devices is encrypted for security. All the instructions and details are at, and at least they provide schematics so you can make the stuff yourself, instead of buying some black box that puts your monthly balance in the red.

[Source: | Photo: Oleg Alexandrov CC2.0]

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