DC Design "Black Ruby" Rolls-Royce coupe – Click above for image gallery

Funny thing about one-off creations. Sometimes you look at them and wonder why they only made just the one, and sometimes you thank your lucky stars they're not roaming the streets in packs. Whatever side of the fence you come down on with the DC Design Rolls-Royce coupe, that one and only example is now up for grabs.

The product of Indian coachbuilder Dilip Chhabria – also responsible for the Porsche Cayenne coupe and the $220k Tata Nano – "The Black Ruby" combines the grille of a Rolls-Royce with the shape of a Nissan Z, packing exotic-style scissor doors and the spirit of the Maybach Exelero. It was reportedly built for an Indian maharaja, and has been spotted as far away as London.

It's now available for purchase for the low-low price of £750,000, or about $1.2 million. Check it out in the gallery below for a closer look... if you dare.

[Source: SparkCars.com via CarScoop]

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