HumanCar Imagine_PS in action – Click above to watch video after the jump

HumanCar's Imagine_PS was supposed to arrive in time for Earth Day 2008 and cost $15,000. That didn't happen. But, the HumanCar website is now promising that "The wait is over." Indeed, a video of the LMV (low mass vehicle) Imagine_PS cruising down some sunny streets is now available (watch it after the jump) and the company behind the part-human-powered vehicle, HumanCar Inc., will now take your $50 reservation fee (fully refundable, no questions asked, it says). Once 800 pre-orders have been placed, the car may go into production. Wait, may? Hmm. That's weird.

What is the Imagine_PS? It is an low-speed electric vehicle that draws power from the grid and, as you can see in the video, the riders/driver also generate energy by performing rowing motions as the car moves along. With a top speed of 30 miles per hour, the car is street-legal on some streets and it can carry up to four people. Roof? Not quite yet, but we have seen a rendering that show a model with a tiny bit of protection from the elements. $15,000 is a lot for a car that appears this minimalistic, but we must say the idea is pretty darn cool.

[Source: HumanCar]

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