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The real-world results are in, and Ford has earned itself a dubious honor: offering the 2010 model year light-duty vehicle with the worst fuel economy in the U.S. Consumer Reports tested all of the 2010 vehicles and discovered that the Hummer H2 is not the thirstiest vehicle on the market. Instead, that honor goes to the Ford F-250 Lariat, which got an astonishing 10 miles per gallon in CR's real-world testing. The H2 managed 11 mpg, and then there were a bunch of big honking SUVs at 13 mpg. To add insult to injury, the F-250 Lariat also placed second in the "Worst Value" list. Apparently, buying one of these is a bold move in the wrong direction.

On the fuel efficient side, the Toyota Prius unsurprisingly came out on top with 44 mpg, followed by the Smart Fortwo Passion (39 mpg) and the Honda Insight EX (38 mpg). Four hybrids and one diesel made the top ten, the rest were all small cars. CR tested the vehicles in all sorts of categories, like which ones were the most and least expensive to own and the most overlooked cars. Subscribers can see all the lists here.

[Source: Consumer Reports]

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