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Hey you Anglophiles, looks like TVR is coming back. And really, it's a shame they went anywhere in the first place, but that's the British car industry for you. Nevertheless, a flurry of rumors and speculation has just cropped up, all of them seeming to indicate that a new TVR is coming very soon. Again.

The big news of course is that the new British sports car will have American power. What engine? We don't know, but it sounds like Russian owner Nikolai Smolenski understands that the U.S. market is the number one market for sports cars in the world, and that having an American power plant under the new car's look-at-me hood is the easy way to sell 'em to us Yanks. You may remember that the last crop of TVRs all featured completely bespoke, TVR-built engines and were not sold in the USA. Of course, using a Ford or Chevy (or hey, maybe Chrysler) crate engine will save Smolenski and TVR untold millions of rubles in development costs.

Also new is where the next TVR will be built. Traditionally, TVRs come from Blackpool, UK, but word is that a bunch of TVR parts were recently shipped to Germany where Smolenski has wanted to restart production for a couple of years. Moreover, TVR parts suppliers have reportedly been served with cease and desist notices, as TVR Motors Company (Smolenski's company) is officially the parts supplier to the UK. However, it seems like these kinds of letters have been sent before.

So, what's the same with this new TVR? The reports we're seeing claim that you can expect classic "TVR values" such as front-engine, rear-wheel drive, two seats and totally bonkers styling. Sounds as if the new car will be showing up with at least 500 horsepower, too. We're not sure when we'll see the new TVR, but it sounds as if the Goodwood Festival of Speed is the safest bet. Until then...

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