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Ah, those Aussies, they never quit, do they? Ten years in the making, a fellow by the name of Jon Crooke has developed the Hyper PRO Racer, a so-called "Superkart" delivering massive power and minimum weight. Using a Yamaha 450 WR four-stroke motorcycle engine that runs through a five-speed sequential gearbox, the Hyper PRO weighs just 352 pounds minus the weight of a person tucked into the cramped driving position. That isn't too much more than the enduro bike the engine is taken from.

The weight savings is courtesy of the superkart's spaceframe, which also acts as an FIA-approved roll cage. Instead of building a frame that accessories would be mounted to with brackets, the superkart's externals are mounted directly to a highly designed and minimalist chassis frame without additional hardware. Those externals include Ohlins aluminum-bodied race shocks, four-wheel cross-vented disc brakes with billet four-pot aluminum brake calipers.

The result, according to Hyper PRO, is a track runner that can lap a little faster than an Aussie racing car (not a V8 Supercar), a little slower than a GT Production car. But it beats them all for price: the track day Racer S is $29,500 Australian ($26,546 U.S.), the hillclimb Racer R is $35,500 ($31,947 U.S.). Follow the jump to check out video of the Hyper Pro Race in rather fast action, or have a slower look in the gallery below.

[Source: Hyper Pro Racer via Caradisiac (translated)]

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