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We're not sure if it's the raw display of power or the smell of burning rubber, but there is just something about a good burnout that puts a smile on our face. Of course, the burnout has to be done right to make us smile. A poorly executed spinning of the rear wheels prompts plenty of indifference, unless the burnout goes so terribly wrong that it proves to be somehow better than even the best burnouts.

Luckily it just so happens that we've found an instance of badder is better. Hit the jump to see what happens when a guy in his third-gen Chevrolet Camaro has the wrong kind of tires to be spinning around on the pavement. We don't want to spoil the climax of this video, but we will tell you that it is absolutely worth watching if you're a big fan of automotive carnage.

[Source: RIDELUST | Images: Wayne Rames]

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