Trapster 4.0 for iPhone – Click above for image gallery

Some of you might be devout Traspter users already, if so, you're likely aware that the 4.0 release of the popular speed trap and red-light camera app hit iPhones last month with a host of tweaks. Major updates for both Android and WebOS are in the works, and we suspect that the Windows Series 7 Phones will get some Trapster love when it's released this holiday season.

Included in the iPhone update were three new features – Caravan, Road Hazards and Patrol – which expand the usability and increase the accuracy of the data. Caravan brings Trapster users together by allowing other drivers running the app to be seen on the map and if you're "friends" with the user, you can see their location displayed in real-time, send them messages via audio, text or pictures and provide them with turn-by-turn directions.

The Patrol feature makes life on the street slightly safer by displaying a blue line across the road, which glows brighter when the road has been frequented by other Trapster users and degrades over time if no one has reported speed traps recently. The Road Hazard functionality expands the database beyond traditional traps and red light cameras to include 12 new types of reports, allowing drivers to let other users know about potentially dangerous situations ahead.

We've taken 4.0 out for a brief spin and can happily report that all the new features work as advertised, although the interface is beginning to grow cluttered with Trapster's recent software expansion. For Android users, this might be less of an issue in the future, as Trapster is considering offering some of these new features as separate apps, taking advantage of the platform's background notifications and its ability to run simultaneous apps. In the meantime, you can get the latest version of Trapster from the Apple App Store (iTunes link) and follow the site's blog for updates.

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