Drive a Jaguar XK and you'll agree, there's little wrong with the way it rides, handles, and goes. Looks are subjective and the competition keeps ratcheting up interior quality and equipment to levels that surpass what's sumptuously packed into Jaguar's rakish two-door. With that in mind, Jaguar is keeping what's great, namely the bonded-and-riveted structure, and changing what's looking old, according to Autocar.
The body will finally ditch its throwback fish-mouth and move to a grille predictably inspired by the XF, and there will be more sculpting and surface development in the metalwork, though final choices have yet to be made. The convertible version will keep its soft roof for weight and packaging reasons, mainly, and the interior will reportedly be the best-ever in a Jaguar.

The biggest news is Jaguar's addition of a diesel engine for its sports/GT model. Long since the bastion of trucks, torquey modern diesels are gaining popularity in sports cars from BMW, Audi, and now Jaguar. A 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6 will be offered in the upcoming XK D, serving up 300 horsepower and exceptional fuel economy. Big, fat torque from a less-thirsty engine sounds like a good idea to us, and Jaguar is hoping that it boost XK volume back up to 10-12,000 units per year. The exhaust note might need a little work, however, to ever be better than the hoodlum-class V8 bark the XK currently trumpets so gloriously.

[Source: Autocar]

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