Ice Cube: Everyone's favorite boxy Nissan chills in London with famed tattoo artist

Nissan Cube ice sculpture – Click above for high-res image gallery

With such a strong focus on design, we knew it wouldn't be long before the Nissan Cube was transformed into some sort of life-size art project. And that's exactly what legendary celebrity tattoo artist Henry Hate has done, creating an ice sculpture that encompasses the edgy design of Nissan's econobox with tattoo art.

Not only is this Hate's first sculpture, it is the first sort of "ice tattoo." Normally, ice is chiseled and carved to stand alone as a unique sculpture, but in this case, elements of tattoo design have been carved into the large ice blocks that enclose the Cube. Colorful lighting has been placed around the base of the car as well, giving it a glowing effect that looks pretty darn cool at night.

The Cube ice sculpture is currently on display in London's South Bank, on display for the public until the warm weather melts the ice away. Can't make the trip to see it in person? Check out our gallery of high-res shots below, and click through the jump to read Nissan UK's official (short) press release.

[Source: Nissan]
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Today, controversial tattoo artist Henry Hate unveiled his first ever sculpture and the world's first ice tattoo in a creative partnership for the launch of Nissan Cube.

Celebrity inker Henry Hate, has worked with Amy Winehouse, Alexander McQueen, Pete Doherty, Comedian David Cross and Paul Thompson of Franz Ferdinand.

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