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When pictures of a camo-clad coupe surfaced earlier this week, the rumormill went into overdrive, with speculation that the Camaro-based prototype was the second coming of the Z/28 or one of the rebodied Firebird replicas we've seen making the auto show rounds in the last year. The truth, as always, is far more interesting.

Exodus Pictures
, a Michigan-based production company currently working on a new feature film, created the custom body kit for the 2010 Camaro for its lead role in an upcoming movie Jinn. The FireBreather was designed by the film's director, Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad – an Art Center College of Design graduate – and created by Classic Design Concepts, which helped create the Mustang-based Knight Rider GT500 for the recently canned TV show.

Although the photos we published earlier this week were taken without the vehicle producer's knowledge, Faisal Ahmad's decision to cloak the Camaro in camouflage was part of a marketing campaign that was set to begin next week. That plan is out the window now, and the FireBreather will be unveiled at the Detroit Autorama next weekend.

Although a single bespoke movie car isn't that compelling, Ahmad disclosed to us that Exodus plans to create 50 limited edition models of the rebodied Camaro. Originally, there were discussions with a few aftermarket companies to create the body kit, but the size, scope and capacity of the endeavor was apparently too much for the small outfits to handle.

We're hoping to have live shots of the FireBreather from its unveiling next weekend, and look for another update on this newest hero car in the coming days.

UPDATE: According to our man on the inside, the FireBreather will be packing a supercharged V8 churning out around 630 horsepower.

UPDATE 2: Full release on the movie and the car after the jump.

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Motion Picture Company Clears Up Rumors Surrounding Mystery Car

Exodus Pictures, LLC, a motion picture company based in Livonia, Michigan, reveals that the 'mystery car' is the hero car for upcoming film production. The production company wishes to clarify that the car depicted is its original FireBreather design. The FireBreather will debut earlier than planned at the Detroit Autorama on February 26, 2010.

Livonia, Mich., (Exodus Pictures, LLC) February 18th, 2010-Photographs of a vehicle created by Exodus Pictures and Classic Design Concepts for an upcoming feature film are causing debate on various web sites. The hero car, named the "FireBreather", was camouflaged to conceal its design until principal photography of the movie could be completed. The release of these photographs has resulted in Exodus Pictures modifying its original release date for the FireBreather.

As a result of the widespread speculation, Exodus Pictures wishes to dispel some of the rumors that are surrounding the FireBreather. Furthermore, Exodus Pictures will change its original plans, and completely reveal the FireBreather at 11 a.m. EST on Friday, February 26, 2010, for the invited press at Detroit Autorama. The FireBreather will remain unveiled for the remainder of the event.

Although this event has caused disruption for Exodus Pictures, we too are automotive enthusiasts, and, in order to quell any further conjecture on the subject, are releasing specific information regarding the FireBreather.

The FireBreather is based on a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro and was designed by Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad, writer and director of the upcoming film, in conjunction with Classic Design Concepts of Novi, Michigan. The car has a more aggressive stance by using Eibach's Camaro Pro-Plus Performance Handling Package and Pirelli Pzero Rosso tires. 50 units of the limited edition muscle car will be available to the public later this year.

The FireBreather is not a Z/28 test mule. The Fire Breather is not a Corvette test vehicle. The FireBreather is in no way affiliated or related to any "retro" firebird- or trans am-type body kits that are currently on the market or in development.

"It's the automotive enthusiasts who have been following this story that have been the most effected" said Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad, the director and writer of the upcoming motion picture. "The decision was made to release the [FireBreather] early to provide answers to the many questions they raised."

Media is welcome to attend the FireBreather unveiling at the Detroit Autorama.

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